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Daily Archives: November 28, 2016

Green Chile Balls with Chicken and Cheese

I woke up the morning after Thanksgiving, and turned on Pioneer Woman (because I apparently never get tired of food).  She was making some sort of meatball, and my mind started wandering to green chile (which happens more than it probably should). A few years ago when I was visiting Ruidoso for Christmas, I had dinner at Farley’s.  On their menu, they have an appetizer called Jack Rabbit Droppings.  It’s not hard to imagine where they got the inspiration for the name, but man, they were delicious.  They combined chicken, jalapenos and cheese into balls, breaded them, and deep fried them.  They were magical. They haven’t expanded Farley’s into the 505 yet, so I decided to create my own Jack Rabbit Droppings.  And as much as I love jalapenos, I tend to love green chile a bit more, so I used them…